What is AMP and What Effect Does it Have on SEO?

I often get asked about AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and what effect it has on SEO and so here is a short blog post on the subject. Read more


No Meta Description Tag – How does Google handle it?

Meta Description tags “may” (but not always) be used by Google to create the two lines of text (ie: the snippet) used in the search results. But what happens if you don’t have a Meta Description tag? Read more

AWS EC2 T2.Medium vs 1and1 L2 Dedicated Server

SEO Ranking Factors: AWS EC2 Hosting Vs 1and1 Dedicated Server

Site speed is an important SEO ranking factor. The argument is that fast sites provide a better user experience. This leads to higher engagement and repeat visits.  Read more

https sequence diagram

Google will use HTTPS as a SEO ranking factor

Google have today announced that HTTPS will be used as a ranking factor.

Initially Google say that HTTPS will only be a mild ranking factor so Webmasters have a chance to make the necessary adjustments to their websites. Google warn that the weighting could change in the future.

Read more

Black Hat SEO

Is this a black-hat SEO technique?

One of our London SEO training course attendees recently wrote:

“I have a quick question and I was wondering if you could help:

We are steadily improving our progress on Google in the USA and our MD has an idea to help out – I want to ensure this isn’t black hat. Read more

How to use Google Webmaster Tools to check that your pages are indexed properly.

One of our SEO Training Course Customers recently asked how to check that his pages were being indexed properly by Google. This is an important issue because sometimes your Content Management System (CMS) or Shopping Cart might have more pages in it than Google knows about. Read more

Blog Comment

Do Links in Blog Comments Contribute to PageRank?

One of the attendees on my recent Bristol SEO training course noted that she had just done a back link trawl using and found links to her website from blog post comments. Read more

Wordpress Logo

WordPress SEO: How should I optimise the blog page?

One of my SEO Training Course customers recently asked:

I have a WordPress blog integrated into my Magento site. Would spiders Read more

Matt Cutts Google

Google SEO and how to deal with the “Notice of Unnatural Links” warning

If you (or an agency working on your behalf) try to boost your PageRank by fiddling with back links then sooner or later you will get blacklisted. Google hates companies that try to manipulate their search engine rankings by buying links or entering into link building schemes that are intended to boost PageRank. Read more

Racks in a Google Data Centre

Google Data Centres

Few people understand the complexity of a Google Data Centre.

Typically, they are massive industrial buildings with miles of server racks, cooling equipment, power equipment and hundreds or thousands of employees.

Take a look at this gallery: