Executive Summary

The LondonWebFactory.Com Ltd (UK Company Registration Number 07879213) is based in Epsom (Surrey) and is just 30 minutes by train from London Waterloo train station. We specialise in providing internet solutions that lead to measurable commercial growth.

Sample Success Stories

Our clients are based in the UK and Europe and the best way to understand who we are and what we do is by considering the following success stories.

1. A financial services company approached us and asked if we could help them to a) generate leads using internet technologies and b) reduce their current cost-per-lead. Our solution was to develop a micro site that offered a free targeted knowledge product in exchange for the right of contact. We then promoted the site on Google and Bing. In just 6-months the company trebled the size of its telesales team from 4 to 12 personnel and dramatically reduced the cost-per-lead. Today the company is one of the major players in their field and their sole source of leads are those generated by the internet campaigns we designed. In the words of their MD, “Hiring you is the best thing we have ever done”.

2. A 24 room hotel in central London asked us if we could help them to acquire more guests. The project involved the development of a website along with internet marketing and support. In the first year the client invested a total of £5,500 and reported additional revenues generated by the internet of over £60,000. In addition the new internet clients have generated a significant level of referrals and repeat business. In the words of the owner “A good example of how successful our internet campaign has been is that we were full in February when everybody else was empty, and nearly all of our clients came from the internet.”

3. A company specializing in online product sales recently asked us if we could help them to make better use of their subscriber database. In response we designed two email products with sophisticated customer tracking features. The first two campaigns were sent to over 35,000 opt-in customers and each email was personalized with the clients name and covertly stamped with the customer support number for tracking purposes. The first two campaigns were so successful that the client committed to repeating the exercise every 2 weeks. In the words of their MD “We have been in business since 1998 and today we have sold more products than ever before”.

Our Clients

The London Web Factory serves various market segments such as small business, graphic design agencies, new media companies and advertising agencies. When we first started the majority of our work came from London based agencies who resold our technology and expertise. However, since that time we have established internet marketing contracts with a small number of regular clients and we dedicate most of our time to promoting their businesses online. In addition to this we train around 600+ businesses per year in internet marketing related subjects.

Our Products

Recently the London Web Factory has developed a line of websites and content management systems that are based on Web 2.0 methodologies. Web 2.0 is a new paradigm that focuses on empowering the user to take complete control of their internet real-estate.

Our Services

The London Web Factory delivers web design, internet marketing and training services. We act as designers, developers, integrators and consultants. We have a Google Webmaster account and we are Google Certified Professionals. In the past we have managed internet marketing programmes worth hundreds of thousands of pounds whilst empowering clients to take these programmes over themselves through customized personal training programmes.

Our Partners

The London Web Factory works in partnership with a number of complimentary suppliers. These include graphic designers, illustrators, animators and copy writers. We have a vast contact list and because we have work with our partners many times before we know they are good!

Our Ownership

The London Web Factory is owned and operated by Adrian Smith. He has a Bachelor of Engineering Honours (BEng) degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a Master of Science Degree (MSc) from the University of London. He is also a Chartered Engineer (CEng), a Prince II Practitioner and has over 20 years of experience in the fields of software design, systems integration and new media.


The London Web Factory was formerly known as Real World Solutions. Real World Solutions was formed in 1999 by Adrian Smith who was a program director at NDS, the research and development arm of News Corp. RWS was initially formed to deliver software project management services and training to digital TV and new media organizations. In November 2002, RWS began to develop desktop PC applications and launched a range of desktop and server based logistic forecasting applications for use by military and industrial operators and OEMs. In April 2004, RWS expanded its services to include the delivery of web based software and the demand for the Web services of RWS grew. At this point RWS began teaming with other companies in the new media arena to deliver integrated new media solutions. Our company quickly became totally dedicated to the delivery of web based solutions and for that reason in April 2005 we decided to re branded as the London Web Factory.