Each SEO Phrase Needs a Page

Here is a good question from one of my SEO training course clients.

Hi, I attended a 1 day Google SEO course in December in Peterborough, after leaving the course I set up a new website with the information learnt and now (6 weeks on) I have found several pages of my website on the first page in the free natural listings! (Thanks a lot!) I have a question with regards to the header text in WordPress is it better to put just a header 1 of the desired keyword or put several different header sizes of the same keyword on the same page?

The answer to this question is simple, remember the well known SEO saying “Each Phrase Needs a Page”. Therefore the page title box should contain your phrase. Subordinate headings could contain suitable related long tail terms and phrases. Write in a nice natural way and make sure that your pages or articles are broken down into logical subordinate regions using descending header tags.