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Save Time and Money with WordPress Themes

A WordPress theme is a ready-made set of pages that allow you to create a high-quality result in a fraction of the time. Using a WordPress theme allows you to create a world-class website without having to pay many thousands of pounds in deign costs. WordPress themes offer a lot of variety in both style and presentation and have […]

Google will use HTTPS as a SEO ranking factor

Google have today announced that HTTPS will be used as a ranking factor. Initially Google say that HTTPS will only be a mild ranking factor so Webmasters have a chance to make the necessary adjustments to their websites. Google warn that the weighting could change in the future.

Is this a black-hat SEO technique?

One of our London SEO training course attendees recently wrote: “I have a quick question and I was wondering if you could help: We are steadily improving our progress on Google in the USA and our MD has an idea to help out – I want to ensure this isn’t black hat.