Single User Licence Agreement

for Training Course Resources

Course resources produced by the LondonWebFactory.Com Ltd (hereby referred to as THE COURSE RESOURCES) and are provided under our Single User Licence Agreement which states:

  1. You have 90-days access to these course resources from the date of your course.
  2. You may only view the THE COURSE RESOURCES if you have been provided with a licence to do so.
  3. THE COURSE RESOURCES are not to be shared with any other party.
  4. Single User Licence holders may view, download and print pages from THE COURSE RESOURCES for their own personal use.
  5. You must NOT:
    (a) republish THE COURSE RESOURCES within your organisation or externally.
    (b) sell, rent or sub-license THE COURSE RESOURCES.
    (c) reproduce, duplicate, copy or otherwise exploit THE COURSE RESOURCES for any commercial purpose.
    (d) edit or otherwise modify THE COURSE RESOURCES.
  6. All intellectual property rights are reserved for all materials produced by LondonWebFactory.Com Ltd.
  7. We do not claim ownership to third party materials used in THE COURSE RESOURCES.
  8. Third party materials used in THE COURSE RESOURCES are subject to their own restrictions, as defined by the owner.
  9. We reserve the right too block access to THE COURSE RESOURCES if you contravene this agreement.